Open Letter

This past week a tragedy struck.  A baby died, in the North Island.  And I can’t stop thinking about this loss.  This monumental sadness.

I have written a letter to Mace’s mama, and here it is: loss.  For my own benefit as much as anything.  Because I can’t stop thinking about them.  This mother.  This baby.  Their family.

I can’t help thinking that this poor baby, this poor woman, have worn the burden that we all feel in the most ghastly way.  So many of us are too busy.  Too much going on.  Heads full.  Reliant upon routine and vulnerable in the face of change.

This family are the devastated canaries in our weird modern coal mine.

We need to slow the hell down.


more linking

Photo on 2015-01-23 at 10.38 morning.  Quick array of links before this Geek gets stuck into some writing.  And reading.

First up, the coolest thing I’ve seen in AGES … coverage of an art project from Australia in which ghastly Bratz dolls are given makeunders, and with their natural beauty on show they are posed in age-appropriate clothes in natural, outdoor settings.  Here’s the artist’s actual website.  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

And now to a lovely blog written by a RIE educator, Janet Landsbury.  My buddy sent this to me.  And then made up crazy new translations for what RIE might stand for.  It is actually the abbreviation for the organisation founded by the late, great Magda Gerber, called Resources for Infant Educarers.

Slightly depressing research is written about here confirming that children will eat junky snacks whether they’re hungry or not, and a write up here about the power of maternal soothing to mitigate the effects of pain.  Interesting, cos I was aware about research suggesting that infants on the laps of their mamas had less cortisol production when receiving injections, and I’ve heard Bruce Perry talk about injured soldiers who talked with their mums on the phone needing less pain relief … and this kinda seems to marry those stories.


OK.  That’s gonna have to be enough for now.

Arohanui xx

in my office

Photo on 2015-01-12 at 11.27Woah … I”m all overexcited and hyper caffeinated because I just had a big online time with Sherry Bevan, co-ordinator of the Confident Mother online conference.  Days and days of free, thought provoking content.  Did I mention free?

Anyway, in the course of our conversation I made reference to the awesome interview from Dr Stuart Shanker that featured on CBC radio’s “Ideas” podcast.  I went back to find a link to it for Sherry, and LO! There is a new, updated version available to download and listen to.  You must!  Parents, teachers, everyone … LISTEN.

Here, also, a cornucopia of useful self-regulation resources from Canada.

Gotta go make some snacks xx

Friday arvo

Photo on 2015-01-09 at 17.41 #2I have always found Friday afternoons to be a bit special.  Even in motherhood, where there ain’t no 9-5, even during our summer holidays, where there is barely a Monday-Friday distinction.  I still love a bit of Friday afternoon.

I am listening to some sweet fiddle music and basking in what is sort of my last weekend before i return to thinking about things other than family: actually feeling really excited to be participating in the super cool online conference for The Confident Mother in the UK (thanks be to Sherry Bevan for coordinating!).  It’s free!  And there will be many interesting opportunities to engage with a variety of people who spend time thinking about family life and motherhood.  EXCITED.  More found here.

Could just about wee my pants with excitement that I am registered to hear Dr. Rick Hanson speak when he comes to my neck o’ the woods!   Listen to an interview with him here.

So in honour of the new baby Annie born in the Canadian winter, I sign off with best wishes from a warm Kiwi Vendredi.