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On days as windy and blustery as this, it is all too clear that New Zealand is an island.  Developing fruit is being ripped from the trees outside, and the chimney is rattling with every blast.  Sigh.  The locals called this “Te hau kai tangata” … the wind that devours humanity.  Blimmin genius.

Anyway, let’s distract ourselves with a blast of linkage, instead.

First: please waste no time in rushing to this website to make a submission about the need for more paid parental leave in Aotearoa.  Next, a luscious link from the Atlantic, comparing the experiences of Finnish and American school beginners.  I reference this article in the piece I just wrote for ohBaby! and it’s a goodie.  More beginning school stuff is to be found here, in a piece that cautions agains testing (and testing, and testing) young children.

Here is an excellent guide to download, about young children and screens.  It is from our friends at the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.   Another screen-y link, this from the BBC, questioning whether use of computers in the classroom really serves children.

Here is a working paper from Australia, their government’s review about the impact of child care upon child development.  Key finding: quality is key.   Speaking of quality care: keep it fun(ny).  Here’s a link to an abstract for French research into the effects of laughter on children’s learning.  Yuk it up, folks.

And this from Psych Central confirming the power of relationship for overcoming adversity in the lives of children.  Finally, with the release of a new documentary, the wonderful work of Dr. Elaine Aron about Highly Sensitive Persons is back in the popular media.

Transformative.   Well, for this geek, anyway.

the confident mother

sherry bevan book wrinkly eyekia ora geeky friends.  Here I am hiding behind the new book The Confident Mother from Sherry Bevan in the UK.  There’s a chapter in there which was created after our interview together.  I’m awed by the vision and drive of this gal.

I’ve made fresh playdough in three colours today … do I get points for drive, tooski?

Quick flurry of links now, then I’ll continue with my list.  First day back to school for my big girl today, so little girl and I are kinda making the most, which does NOT include keeping my nose in a screen.  So swiftly now;

A piece from the New Zealand news about the “farming” nature of some child care centres.  And I don’t mean they visit farms.  I mean they are the farms.  This is a call from one mama blogger to abandon the whole ‘goody bag’ thing at kids’ parties.

I got two gems from Pop Sugar sent to me this week: this one is BEAUTIFUL pictures of REAL post partum mamas and babies and this is about the new Disney princess … the first Polynesian … hope she can give the other princesses a lesson in self reliance.

From Slate: a cool (albeit cynical) summary of conversations between parents and children, and finally, from the Huffington Post, a round up of sleep research as relates to children.  Night night.