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Let’s link.

First: a post from Psychology Today about using your brain more effectively (ie being more productive!).  Once again, the moral of the story is Slow Down.  Unplug.  Concentrate.

Similar, and yet so different, is this deluxe post from On Being written by Omid Safi … it might be your new favourite thing.

This is an excellent piece by Scientific American about 10 big additions to our thinking about neuroscience in the past decade.   Enjoy.

OH!  Lovely initiative here … using yoga to change the lives of young women in trouble.  MOre!

Now, take four minutes to check out this promo to a fantastic looking new documentary film called Now Playing.  I long to let rip a rant about the value of play in the lives of children and adults, but my toddler is keeping it all very real by tugging on my arm and beggin me to stop working.

I’m overdue a rant about play, having just written an article for OHbaby! about Play and a foreword for an exciting new book on the subject by my fab colleague Sarah Best

Gotta boogie.  I’ll end with a public service announcement: adopt fist bumps as a replacement for high fives or handshakes and you will reduce the transfer of infection.

November? Salt water!

Blessed be the Geeks, for they shall inherit the earth.

Quick linky round up on a Monday

From Zero to Three, a wonderful round up about screen time for young children.  Check it out and commence downloadery HERE.

THIS is a link to a magazine I didn’t know about until very recently!  It’s called Brain Works and I reckon you might enjoy a wee gander.

A couple of links from Scientific American … THIS is about the ‘orchid child’ explanation for sensitive children … groovester.  And HERE is an article about happiness, or about the fact that not everyone is seeking it.

HERE is an excellent piece from a most outstanding website … it’s about Aligning and Investing in Infant and Toddler Programs and it’s from the Center for American Progress.  Read!

The Society for Research in Child Development have released a Policy Brief, and you can read about it HERE … its called How Abuse and Neglect Affect Children’s Minds and Bodies.

Finally, with thanks to Rox and Bee and my ladies … the most inspiring anything for ages:

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Isak Dinesen