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I LOVE this, from Scientific American, about creativity.  I used to teach a College class called “Fostering Creativity”, back in the day, and at the time I went to a meeting where a woman disdained teaching creativity to children, saying “I don’t want my kids to be artists …”.  At the time I was all goldfish mouthed and hopeless, but if I had my wits about me I’d briefly defend the artistic life, and then remind her that scientific and technological breakthroughs are going to depend upon a creative approach to whatever.  The quote I love from that Sci-Am article back there:

As it turns out, creativity is just as important in medicine and engineering as it is in journalism.


Now, THIS pdf, from, will take a while to download but you will be so glad you did it.  It is full of amazing maps that show various trends in child & family well being, all around the world.  You’re welcome.

Other stuff: The abstract to some research about families who use corporal punishment, and how what they do differs to what they SAY they do.  I like it when non-brainiac sources talk neuroscience, like this from Wired mag.

Here is a piece about infant memory,  this is a description of findings about maternal depression (*peaking when children are four years old … implications, anyone?) and … REALLY?  Too much internet is bad for children?  Ya don’t say!

Last one, then I got to go read Scarry to my girl.

Please check out this super cool initiative from Australia – I have not known of such a funding scheme before but ME LIKEY.  Ten20 provides ten years of funding and support for 20 communities working to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people.

Super cool.


links for y’all

It’s been a busy ol’ while for this Baby Geek.  This weekend I’ll record a fresh batch of podcasts for Family Times with my friend and brother (from another mother) … Nathan Mikaere Wallis.  I’ve got another article to review for the SECA journal and one to write for OHbaby!  As my sis-in-law is wont to say – be careful what you wish for.  I wished for a life where I could care for my kids, write some, be connected and be in the garden.

And it’s pretty fab.  Occasionally sucky, but ain’t that the way?  Basically, fab.  It helps when I work for a healthy relationship with “busy” and ensure I prioritise sleep.

This blog post from Renegade Mama is just dreamy.  The No-Drama Friendship Manifesto.  My ladies and I are loving it.

And I am coveting the heck out of these pixie finger puppets.

Nighty night geeks.

next week we go screen free

profilepicKia Ora geeks.  Getting ready to turn off, here.  Husband is unenthusiastic as can be.  Big Girl is a little better.  Baby Girl will be deceived into thinking TV is broken.  She’s two.

A family’s prep for screen free week is described here, and this is from Psychology Today – some brain benefits of unplugging are included.

Whether you’re into Screen-Free Week or not, I reckon you will DIG these fab resources from the excellent organisation known as TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment).

While we’re at it, check out this great news from Brazil, where it is now illegal to market directly to children, and look at this primo follow up on the 1981 LEGO ad.

Finally, the legendary Lillian Katz is still raising consciousness about childrens’ early learning, this time cautioning against attempting to teach children to read too young.