procrastination for fun and profit!

Kia Ora and hello!

Before we go any further, the date tells us we are a week from Christmas.  My pal at OHbaby! shared a link to this fab piece, about simplifying the season.  Make like Elsa and Let It GO!  Enjoy.

I am in my office with a brief, hard-fought window of time to be working.  I’m supposed to be banging out a draft for a 1500-worder due soon after the festive craziness.  Ask me how that’s going?  Yeah.  Um.  Not great.

But then ask me how it was at Toddlerific and I will tell you… it was a treat!  An utter treat. We talked – a lot – about stuff like the serve and return nature of child development (HERE is an elegant explanation from the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard) and about temperament research, and goodness of fit.   And many other luscious things!  Such fun.

Here is a link to the most recent newsletter from Brainwave Trust Aotearoa.  Yeah, I wrote the book review in there, but the main reason for sharing is Keryn O’Neill’s excellent analysis of the Perry Preschool Project. You gotta see it.

Meanwhile, did I already post a link to this article about The Last Generation of kids to play outside?   It’s a goodie.  And speaking of play, look how dreamy this crowd are … the Exuberant Animal (good name for a funk band …).

May I end with a shout out to the super smart, warm, wise and uber supportive Pennie Brownlee.  Arohanui xxx

play. work. play. sleep. play. practice. play.

Photo on 2014-12-09 at 06.07Right ho.  So my newest thang is in this magazine with yet another astronomically lovely bub on the front.  I hope that if you read it you will like it.

Here is another link to an article about play – this is written with someone with WAY more gravitas than I.  This is fantastic.

With December slip-slidin’ away you might enjoy this list of non-toy gift ideas for children … and if you move fast you can still vote for worst toy of the year at CCFC’s annual TOADY awards.

Thursday I will teach a workshop for the first time since I was preggers with Little Girl.  At the Toddlerific conference near Christchurch.  Have planned a preso, but have not even thought through all the logistics inherent in driving vast distances, filling travel forms, sorting real life toddler’s needs ETC because today is my Big Girl’s birthday!  Eleven years I’ve been a mama.

One thing at a time for this geek.