while she sleeps …

Little Girl is napping.  She is a disco napper and will be awake in moments.  As usual, there is the scramble to decide how best to use this time.  Today, I will share links … cos there are some goodies.  Then, I will step away from the screen.  Promise.

It’s time to vote on the worst toy of the year over at CCFC.  Toady Time!  It’s gonna be hard to choose.  There was some diabolical stuff in 2013.   Some great toys for those who fancy buying some … gotta love the anti-princess, pro-engineer Goldie Blox range, and if you haven’t watched the ad yet you’re in for a treat!   Slightly older kids (myself included) might just covet these yummy electric circuit building bits from Little Bits.  

But let us never forget that some of the best toys ever aren’t necessarily for sale.  Thanks National Toy Hall of Fame for reminding us.

A couple of completely different treats now … research about the effectiveness of parenting programmes in primary care situations (eg GPs offices), a yummy blog found by my dear Lauren … Girl Meets Dirt.  I dig it.   AND it has led me to iamthemilk, which is full of good writing about family life, motherhood, loss, and milk (all part of my daily life.  Salut!)

My warm and sleepy toddler has climbed into my lap, hair all skewiff.  This is over for now.  Arohanui xx



ways of saying “I love you”

Kia Ora my geeky friends,

y’know, my wedding anniversary had me thinking about expressions of love … about how we can show our love in a lot of ways.  Nope, wasn’t even being pervy there.

I mean stuff like … I express my love for my kids via kisses, words, loving touch.   I also read the same (annoying) books again and again without (much) complaint, make fairly wholesome food on a fairly consistent basis, and put up with the wacky quirks of my wee mob.

In return, they put up with my wacky quirks, they kiss me and cuddle me right back.  Fair trade, I say.

And then there is that crazy phenomenon … where we let our worst behaviour show only for those we love and trust the most.  Polite in meetings all day, get home and be raggedy as to the family: it is a perverse compliment!

So I’ve been consciously attempting to frame it all as such: when my toddler lays a heavy “NO MUMMY!” my way, I think “how wonderful that she is so trusting as to let it all hang out.” Similarly, Big Girl’s eye rolling.  And does it make the night wakings any less exhausting (yes, mama from Nelson, I’m talking to you …) if we think of them as an expression of love, of desire for connection?

It makes me more able to redirect or object with a loving tone and some patience if I think of it this way.  You might express your love for me by trusting me with your ill feelings, and I will express my love for you by reminding you of the limits – as calmly as I can.

Whaddya reckon?  On to something, or deluded?

(As usual, the answer is likely to be “it depends“.)

monday linking

quick link dump:

an oldie but a goodie … new mamas learn a lot from watching their babies.   Meanwhile, this is a link about choosing quality toys, from Zero to Three, and speaking of playtime, I love this from Attachment Parenting International about playful parenting of older kids & teens.

Here is an interview with the author of “Slow Parent”, and in celebration of time spent in my garden with the toddler today … here is the herb blog from the good folks at Kings Seeds.