As a Baby Geek, there is not much I enjoy more than the opportunity to talk – for days – about children, families, brain growth, child development, play, infants, well-being, toddlers, behaviour…

Usually I work with groups of parents, but I also provide professional development for teachers, police officers, social workers, nurses, librarians, even the occasional politician and economist.

My strength lies in being able to translate complex research from a wide range of disciplines into something that is practical, useful, and easy to understand.

To talk about booking a presentation for your group, please send me a message via the blog’s comments.


This is the sort of stuff people have said:

“Miriam McCaleb is an energetic and inspiring teacher, making neuroscience come alive and parenting become an affirmation.”

“Inspirational, thoughful, informative and reassuring.”

“Put down the child development books and go to a discussion with Miriam.  It changed the way I think about my baby’s development”.

“By far the best professional development of the year”.