How appropriate. Guilt.

I tend to begin these posts with the same opening I almost always use on my correspondence:  “I’m sorry it has been so long since I wrote …”

But let’s focus on the positive.  I’m posting!  Now!

I begin by humbly sharing a link to a piece I wrote for Tots to Teens.  It’s about Mama Guilt.  

Other links now.  Research from Australia mightn’t surprise anyone … child care workers are underpaid and undervalued.  The tragic bit is that even the parents of the children being cared for are guilty of the undervaluing.  Let’s just contrast that with a new report from the Abecedarian project, pointing to still more life long benefits of high quality early childhood education.  Oh, but here’s a wee reminder of how not all ECE is high quality …  Irony!  She is not dead!

Here is a report called the Global Youth Wellbeing Index, and here is a link to reinforce the power of education for helping parents be cool about their wacky li’l babes.  This about infant sleep and reasonable expectations.

We’ve linked here before, but let’s do it again … a family friendly music podcast to dig on.  Kia Ora.

Finally, let’s just be honest about how often we check our smart phones, shall we?