links for y’all

It’s been a busy ol’ while for this Baby Geek.  This weekend I’ll record a fresh batch of podcasts for Family Times with my friend and brother (from another mother) … Nathan Mikaere Wallis.  I’ve got another article to review for the SECA journal and one to write for OHbaby!  As my sis-in-law is wont to say – be careful what you wish for.  I wished for a life where I could care for my kids, write some, be connected and be in the garden.

And it’s pretty fab.  Occasionally sucky, but ain’t that the way?  Basically, fab.  It helps when I work for a healthy relationship with “busy” and ensure I prioritise sleep.

This blog post from Renegade Mama is just dreamy.  The No-Drama Friendship Manifesto.  My ladies and I are loving it.

And I am coveting the heck out of these pixie finger puppets.

Nighty night geeks.