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Photo on 2015-01-23 at 10.38 morning.  Quick array of links before this Geek gets stuck into some writing.  And reading.

First up, the coolest thing I’ve seen in AGES … coverage of an art project from Australia in which ghastly Bratz dolls are given makeunders, and with their natural beauty on show they are posed in age-appropriate clothes in natural, outdoor settings.  Here’s the artist’s actual website.  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

And now to a lovely blog written by a RIE educator, Janet Landsbury.  My buddy sent this to me.  And then made up crazy new translations for what RIE might stand for.  It is actually the abbreviation for the organisation founded by the late, great Magda Gerber, called Resources for Infant Educarers.

Slightly depressing research is written about here confirming that children will eat junky snacks whether they’re hungry or not, and a write up here about the power of maternal soothing to mitigate the effects of pain.  Interesting, cos I was aware about research suggesting that infants on the laps of their mamas had less cortisol production when receiving injections, and I’ve heard Bruce Perry talk about injured soldiers who talked with their mums on the phone needing less pain relief … and this kinda seems to marry those stories.


OK.  That’s gonna have to be enough for now.

Arohanui xx