always learning

picture sept 20crikey dick.  It’s all a bit full on at the moment.  But then I remember that something magnificent is always about to happen.

Like …I saw a tui in my garden just yesterday.  A Tui! As far south as me!  Very exciting.  Whakarongo ake au!

Some links on a beautifully rainy afternoon:

Ever wondered about what your (otherwise screen free?) infant thinks about Skype?  This piece from the Atlantic describes research exploring this.

Next: here is a mildly gross and infinitely cool piece that was in the New York Times about how baby backwash just might make breastfeeding a two way exchange of fluid and information.  Amazing!

This week I have LOVED this ol’ Radiolab interview with the late Oliver Sacks about his relationship with the periodic table.  STUNNING.  Then I read this piece he wrote about aging.  The Joy of Aging.  What a writer!  Oh, that mind!  RIP.

Keep on experiencing this world through your head and through your heart.  Why should you have to choose whether to be a head person or a heart person?  Can’t we be both?



2 thoughts on “always learning

  1. Hi Miriam.
    Totally with you with your blog heading ‘always learning’. What an age we live in having experienced life with encyclopedias and the net -assuming ur of simiar age to me, mid 30s! I was wondering if youd mind if I picked your brains, via email maybe, re doing further study? Briefly, Ive taught for 13 years in primary but my passion is similar to that of the Brainwave Trust. Ive looked at ed psych or masters in child and family psych or even masters in ed. Befere jumping into study I want to fully explore all options. Would you mind if I emailed you? Many thanks in advance. Penny

    • Kia Ora Penny
      How lovely to hear from you. Please do feel free to email, I don’t know how much help I can be as I have similar quandries but sometimes just expressing your position is helpful. My email address is miriamaroha (at) yahoo dot com.

      Trying to evade spammers there.

      Arohanui. x

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