life by the bucketload.

As I type this I can see more apples falling from the trees of my crazy-prolific wee home orchard.  Already today I’ve scooped up SIX bucketloads (many were fed to our pigs).  Add to that the THREE bucketloads of ash I emptied from the firebox in the living room and I would call that a bucket list of a different sort.

This is a link of many of the podcasts that Nathan and I recorded back in the summer.  If you haven’t seen any, make a cuppa and hang out with us for a few minutes.

Now I gotta share with you something just fantastic … something I wish everyone would read … an amazing piece from the Atlantic, called “How to Land your Kid in Therapy”.  It is an absolutely astonishing article and you can find it here … It kind of challenges our parental preoccupation with “You are so special and I want you to be happy!”

Similar but different article is here from Slate, about motivating teenagers (also about letting kids experience failure).

(I am hereby mildly obsessed with the word eudaemonia.  Thanks to stats geek for this word o’ the day!)

Anyhoo, speaking of having your thinking challenged … as visitors to this website know, I’m very pro-mindfulness.   Especially as it applies to parenting.  But it is pretty interesting to read an alternative perspective to being all-mindful, all the time … ah yes!  The beauty and power of a wandering mind!  Enjoy.

A couple more links now … a kind of beginners guide to attachment theory is in this piece by ABC news (I TRY to resist the urge to say “like, durrr … are you just learning this now?”)

Anyone want to join me for Screen Free Week, 2014?  This geek pledges.  Can I coerce the other members of my family to join in … watch this space.

And for no good reason except I need to be reminded: those of us in the southern hemisphere might like a reminder of what to do in our veggie patches about now.