Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness!  It’s equinox/solstice, too.  Autumn begins in the Southern Hemisphere.  Time to get serious about the stacking of firewood.  You Northern mamas (& papas) can stock up on sunscreen & bug spray.

Things to make you happy: an awesome looking free online parenting extravaganza was advertised by Attachment Parenting International and can be learned about hereDaniel Siegel is one of the presenters and he is fab.

But listen … this is a blog post that will NOT make you happy … New Zealanders need to be outraged … and I’m thinking we need to tell all our friends, the parents of our kids’ classmates.  Thanks to my excellent geek pal for the link.

This is an interesting article from Forbes (business-y magazine) about parenting habits to avoid (if you want to grow a leader).

Going to watch a recording of the latest episode of this series I am into … I love Don McGlashan like a crazy lady.