good things to read

it is HOT at my place today.  The sun’s rays bounce from the tinsel in my office window like a groovy disco light show.  Lord, but I LOVE tinsel.   There is no such thing as too much.

I am supposed to be working.  I have five articles due in the first half of next year and I thought I would offer my future self an early Christmas gift by making notes and creating drafts on at least the first couple.  Instead, I find myself reading up on the concept of Productive Procrastination.  Irony, eh?

And scooting around online has led me some fabulous places this morning.  Here is a delicious piece from the fabulous Brain:Child magazine (of which I am a subscriber!).  They are running a blog series about “What is Family?” and I reckon it’ll be worth checking back.  Not in a procrastinate-y way, in an inspire-y way.

And this is a joy: super smart writing about Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.  You gotta behold this.

A couple of fantastic mama blogs for you all, too: LOVE this … Outlaw Mama … and yummy yum-o: enjoy the Variegated Life.  Imagine you live in Brooklyn.  Just for a bit.

You’re welcome!