obsessions of the week

just in time for the weekend!!

Hope all the mamas and the papas and the kidlets out there in geekland have been happy and healthy.  Our house played host to a gnarly and aggressive bug (virus?  couldn’t tell ya) but we’re all good now.  Nothing makes me appreciate my awesome immune system like giving it a sick day.

This is a review of the fantastic book I am reading.  After Birth by Elisa Albert.  It is utterly amazing and that is all I have to say on the matter at this time.

Here’s a little something from Scientific American about the changes to a new daddy’s brain, and if you can make it through this video about motherhood without shedding a tear, you are a stauncher mama than I.   It’s just about 3 mins long and very nice indeed.  Thank you Auntie Bee.

This is a link (courtesy of Keryn) to some info about a research study just published in the journal of Pediatrics and Child Health … it’s about the wellbeing of children in Christchurch and I know for a fact I am not the only baby/family person in our district who is scratching our heads a bit about it.  Sounds like the researchers might be, too.

Finally: fifteen minutes of lo-fi inspiration and delight, this is super magnificent Courtney Barnett’s most excellent Tiny Desk Concert.